UV Filter (49mm)

  • Size name:49 mm
  • Enhance the quality of your outdoor photos with help from the Camlife UV protection filter.
  • Considered the most popular protection filter, the UV protection filter helps reduce ultraviolet light for better-looking results, plus offers a welcome layer of protection for your camera lens.
  • Whether novice or professional, capturing the great outdoors on film can be immensely rewarding.

The Camlife UV protection filter helps take it to the next level of awesome. UV light can negatively affect images, creating a bluish cast on color film or a low-contrast haze on either color or black and white. These negative effects of UV light are particularly noticeable with outdoor photographs, especially when taken at high altitudes or over long distances. The Camlife UV protection filter helps absorb ultraviolet light, which in turn helps create clearer, more accurately vibrant photographs. Protect your camera lens from dirt, dust, moisture, scratches, fingerprints, accidental knocks, and other damage with the Camlife UV protection filter. Designed for general use, the filter offers convenient everyday protection and can remain on the camera at all times. For digital cameras with auto-correction and built-in filters that already prevent color cast, the UV protection filter works as a useful, everyday, all-purpose lens protector.

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